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 Melody Jensen  Founder Executive producer

909 229 5595


Melody Jensen  Founder Executive producer

Focus on the DREAM,

Not the Problem!

Keep in Tune with Melody!


 phone 626 422 6641


To look only because you must see you will end up living in a grey world.

To breathe only to stay alive is to lose a slice of your existence.

To be a child of God and not reach your magnificent destiny

and not reach your full potential is to ignore

the measure of your creation! Your assignment

and divine mission is waiting

to be fulfilled this moment in time!


Melody Jensen with special guest Donna Smith,

 past President of Universal Production. 

She is the official film ambassador with the USA, China, and the UN.


Donna Smith partner and past president of Universal production

and post-production 157 films for 8 years and Jackie

Miss USA 1989- Top 10 Semifinalist. Melody Groomed Miss New Jersey who won 2 nd runner up Miss pageant USA

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909 229 5595


 Melody Jensen - Founder
909 229 5595

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Melody and Jackie




Jackie Marie Jensen is the founder of Jackie Jensen music and Independently Owned Record Label and Production Studio. She also is the lead vocals and multi instrumentalist behind Jackie Jensen live. She'll be coming out with a full length LP set for WORLDWIDE  DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION ON on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, and many other Streaming Sites. Courtesy of CDBABY. She is incredibly grateful for the growing number of fans and supporters through her online community. As we are in the next phase of the album completion Jackie needs all your support for the upcoming release of the album!!! So please share this email and any upcoming updates with everyone you know!! We are now in the age of technology where the songwriters and the true artist have the power to be able to share their beautiful art with the world without the power of a big bureaucracy controlling what gets out there. Let's all come together despite what race we are, what political party were affiliated with, and just support each other as human beings, dance and Vibe to the good music!

With 7.5 billion people on earth there's guaranteed to be music on Jackie's upcoming LP that you will love and dance to. So get ready for it, and check out her social links below to get ready for the release of her upcoming album!!! Jackie can't wait to meet you at the upcoming shows next year in support of her tour!  So head over to her website and her social links below! Join the mailing list and share your merchandise in #JackieJensenRocks

Also on her website, you can NOW get your hands on some new merchandise for her upcoming album in the online band merch store. Get it while it's hot. Items have already sold out!

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